Ms. Warmath

5th grade English teacher

about me

My name is Ms. Warmath and I am teaching English his year.

I was born in Germany, grew up in Antwerp, Belgium, and moved to the U.S. in high school. I graduated with a degree in International Relations Degree from Brown University, worked in New York City for Burda, a German magazine publishing company, then as Public Relations Director for The Ritz-Carlton, here in Atlanta.

Once I became a mom, I stayed at home to raise my three children. Today, one is starting college, one is in college and one just graduated from college.

I began teaching at ICSAtlanta when it opened in 2015, and this will be my fourth year in 5th grade.

I am passionate about the importance of reading! Reading has so many benefits, and it is the best thing a student can do to gain more general knowledge, improve their grades, and just become an all-around well-educated person!

I look forward to a great year and to getting to know you all!