Lunch With Your Child

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Lunch Visitors for 4th & 5th grade

  • Lunch visitors are required to present their photo id's at the front desk and be signed in through the Raptor system. If the visitor does not have a photo id they will not be allowed to enter.

  • Lunch visitors must be listed in the student's Infinite Campus account. Infinite Campus account updates require at least 2-3 days for processing.

  • Lunch visitors must be at least 18 years of age. Siblings who are not enrolled at ICSAtlanta or are enrolled at ICSAtlanta but have a different lunchtime or campus, are not allowed.

  • Each student is allowed 2 lunch visitors during their visit (please use only one sign-up slot even if there are 2 visitors for the same student).

  • Students who have lunch visitors are not allowed to "invite a friend" or have other students visit with them during their lunch visit. (This is a safety concern since the other students' parents have not authorized the school to allow this visit.)

  • Lunch visitors will proceed to the front desk immediately at the conclusion of their designated lunch time. Parents are not allowed to escort their student back to the classroom after lunch. If a visitor is scheduled for more than one lunch time they will return to the front desk to wait for their next lunchtime.

Please sign up to have lunch with your child here: Upper Campus Lunch Room Visit

OUR LUNCH TIME IS FROM 11:00 to 11:25AM.


  • 2 adults allowed per student

  • No visits on Wednesdays, Blackout dates(day before and after a break or day off), during school holidays, on class party days, or during the week of school conferences

  • 4 visits per parent per year

  • Parents must sign up for multiple time slots on the same day if staying for more than one child's lunchtime

  • 4 slots per lunchtime